Earn on your business development

This is the first platform that allows you to not only promote and popularise your products and services, but also earn additional stable income from it.
Voucher marketing is a new direction of business development. It is a business methodology used to attract and retain customers. Vouchers are free money. There is nothing easier than offering money. They are interesting to everyone.

3 options
for your growth


Passive promotion

Place your own vouchers for free in the general gallery on the website and increase interest in your products, while everyone will buy and resell your vouchers from you, thereby generating income and promoting your business.

Income from sale of vouchers

Promote other users' vouchers and earn money from it.

Active promotion

Advertise and promote your vouchers and those of other participants in the marketing programme while increasing your income and interest in your product.
Either option will increase your income!

Audience еngagement

To attract the attention and loyalty of consumers to your brand, create a free voucher on the platform for a permanent discount on your goods or services, and thousands of people will offer and advertise your vouchers, while earning a stable income.
  • 90%

    More than 90% of consumers use vouchers. If this figure surprises you and you think it is too high, you may still believe the social myth that only poor people use discount passes. Who doesn't like free money?

Tell everyone about your business on the Business Blog

Tell everyone about your business on a business blog. Everyone who becomes the owner of your vouchers and all members of your structure automatically become your subscribers. With us you can instantly become a recognizable and popular blogger.
  • Tell me about the business

    Your blog will attract additional interest and increase public attention to your company. Your subscribers are 100% target audience.
  • Become recognisable

    Help your customers better understand your products or services.


MARKET-UP is a platform that simplifies the process of advertising and promoting your business online. Our unique feature of the platform is that you get a steady income by promoting your business and your vouchers as well as the vouchers of other users of the platform.

Four Key
Aspects of Success

Attracting customers

Generate discount vouchers and attract new customers

Advertising your business

Thousands of people will advertise and sell your vouchers, increasing interest in your business.

Incredible income

Voucher sellers not only save money on their purchases but also earn an incredible income.

Better conditions

Save big with MARKET-UP vouchers.
You can shop for much less by using our best vouchers.
Build your business, earn and save money - all in one place!


Increase your customer base and sales

Generate discount vouchers and attract new customers.

Increase customer loyalty with vouchers

Thousands of people will advertise and sell your vouchers, increasing interest in your business.

Earn money by selling vouchers to other users

Voucher sellers not only save money on their purchases but also earn an incredible income.

How it works

MARKET-UP is built on advanced blockchain technologies using a smart contract. Downloaded vouchers are recorded in the blockchain network, allowing you to determine the individuality of each voucher. The marketing program MARKET-UP is built on the TRON smart contract using the TRX cryptocurrency. The decentralized program is created on an automated contract, which guarantees transparency, maximum security and stability to everyone. When purchasing, the money is instantly transferred to the seller’s wallet.

Who is the platform suitable for

Anyone who is ready to earn income from their own business, as well as by making money from advertising vouchers of other program participants.

MARKET-UP is currently the easiest way to develop your business.

Popularize yourself

You register on the platform and generate a free discount voucher for your products and services.

And how does that happen?

The vouchers go into a shared gallery on the site and thousands of users participating in the marketing will buy your vouchers.

What are vouchers for?

To be used in the purchase of your goods and services, as well as to offer them to other site users. Participants resell your vouchers to earn quite a bit of income, thereby advertising your business.
Those who do not need the purchased vouchers can always exchange them for the ones they need, but information about your company will remain with them forever.

How do they make money?

When registering, you indicate your personal TRON wallet.
When you purchase vouchers from you, the money immediately goes to your wallet and you can use them.

Do you want to promote your business faster?

Participate in a marketing program where you can more actively promote your business by selling your vouchers and at the same time offering vouchers to other program users.

Are there any new features on the site?

For constant communication with downline partners and your voucher holders, there is a business blog (BB) in which you immediately become a blogger, because all your downline partners and buyers of your vouchers become your subscribers.
MARKET-UP is your key to success. It's simple and effective!

How much can you earn?

On the site you can see the approximate income from the first sector of the marketing program MARKET-UP, the smallest in terms of cost (this can be seen in the “demo income” section)

If everyone invites only 5 direct participants to the program, then the income from only one sector will be $ 500,000 And if you take only 10% - that will be 50,000. The number of sectors is unlimited and in each subsequent sector the income is 2 times greater than the previous one! We recommend activation immediately to the 4th sector, inclusive (provides participation in the leadership programme (commission for the leadership of the structure) + immediately decent income MARKET-UP - a machine for making money.

How to withdraw money?

All transactions on the Platform take place directly between the seller and the buyer. Payment for purchased vouchers is instantly sent to the P2P seller’s personal wallet in the TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency.
No withdrawals or expectations of earned funds.

Join us and start benefiting from MARKET-UP today!


Start a personal blog on our platform and this will additionally attract the attention of your audience.

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MARKET-UP is a platform that simplifies the process of advertising and promoting your business. We offer the opportunity not only to receive discounts on any goods and services, but also to generate a stable passive income.

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Our goal

In the next few years, attract 1 billion users to the platform.
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